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Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis' Reputation Among Other Lawyers

David Cooke: Former DA for the Macon Judicial Circuit

"The fact that she has a special grand jury shows that she's not backing down from doing this case," said David Cooke, a former district attorney for the Macon Judicial Circuit in Georgia. "Her number one goal is getting justice and protecting the integrity of the case."

"The evidence that's coming out won't put any pressure on her because the pressure that Fani has is the internal pressure she puts on herself to do a good job and to get justice for people," said Cooke.

Sheriff Labat & Antonio Lewis: Atlanta City Council Member

…a virtuoso performance that had Sheriff Labat praising her, before his own remarks, as “the baddest D.A. in the country” …

“She was the superstar,” Antonio Lewis, an Atlanta City Council member, told me. “If you play basketball, LeBron James is better than everybody else, right? I’m telling you, people that worked with her in the office say: ‘Oh, that’s LeBron James. She’s better than us.’”

Robert James: Former DA of DeKalb County & Page Pate: Atlanta Defense Attorney

“Nobody should be confused about the fact that you’re going into a whirlwind,” Robert James, the former district attorney in DeKalb County, said. “If this is what she chooses to do based on the facts and the evidence, from what I know about her as a prosecutor, she’s smart enough and tough enough to handle it.”

“She is a hard-charging, tough trial lawyer,” Atlanta defense attorney Page Pate said. “I would never question her ethics. I would never question her diligence or her intelligence. She is a bulldog when she thinks she’s on the right side.”


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