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Fulton Defendant Kenneth Chesebro Pleads Guilty to Felony As Jury Selection Began

Kenneth Chesebro, a lawyer who worked for Donald Trump during the 2020 presidential election, pled guilty on October 20, 2023 to the felony of conspiring to commit filing false documents. Chesebro was indicted for racketeering and six other felony counts. In pleading guilty, he admitted to participating in a scheme to use fake electors to overturn the will of Georgia voters.

Chesebro guilty
PC: Alyssa Pointer

As a condition of his plea deal, he agreed to offer testimony against Trump and other defendants, if the prosecutors ask him to do so and to provide documents and other evidence to the prosecution.

The decision to plead guilty is an important admission of guilt from a defendant, who had previously maintained that he did nothing illegal.

Chesebro was initially charged with 7 felony counts related to his participation in the fake elector scheme that was attempted in the wake of the 2020 presidential election, in Georgia as well as 6 other states. He was one of 19 defendants named in the 41-count Fulton County, Georgia election interference indictment.

Chesebro is the third defendant in this case to plead guilty.

On the eve of a joint trial with Chesebro, Sidney Powell, another Trump lawyer who participated in the voting machine breaches scheme that unfolded in Coffee County, GA, as well as other locations across the country, pled guilty to 6 criminal counts. The first defendant to plead guilty, Scott Hall, also pled guilty to 5 criminal counts, acknowledging he illegally participated in the voting machine hacking in Coffee County, GA as well.

Chesebro was set to start trial on October 23, 2023. In pleading guilty to this felony count, he was sentenced to 5 years probation. He has also agreed to issue a written apology to the citizens of Georgia, pay $5,000 in restitution, and do 100 hours of community service.



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