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Kenneth Chesebro Concealed A Secret Twitter Account That Promoted the Fake Elector Scheme

Kenneth Chesebro, one of Donald Trump’s former lawyers who has pled guilty to crimes related to his attempts to overturn the 2020 election results, is reported to have concealed a secret Twitter account from Michigan prosecutors. 

Kenneth Chesebro Concealed A Secret Twitter Account That Promoted the Fake Elector Scheme
Pool photo by Alyssa Pointer

This twitter account is reported to have contained posts that indicate he was more involved than he divulged to investigators in creating the plan to appoint fake electors to reverse the results of the 2020 election, according to an investigation by CNN.

What Did Chesebro Post About?

In interviews with Michigan investigators, Chesebro denied using Twitter, now known as X, or having any “alternate identities,”but new evidence calls this claim into question. 

Researchers uncovered Chesebro’s secret social media account under the Twitter name “BadgerPundit.” They found it by using details matching his personal and professional life. The account expressed views on the Electoral College process and made statements before and after the 2020 election that advocated for a more assertive approach to overturning the election results than Chesebro had admitted in his investigatory interviews.

After the press coverage, Chesebro's legal team acknowledged the existence of the BadgerPundit account and confirmed Chesebro had used it. The posts from this account are not in line with the narrative Chesebro’s legal team has been advancing in conversations with Michigan investigators. Chesebro and his team have tried to position him as a more distanced participant supposedly misled by other lawyers in the Trump campaign. This claim and his cooperation with the Michigan investigation helped Chesebro avoid criminal charges in Michigan so far for his role in helping craft the fake elector scheme there.

It remains to be seen if this discovery of an undisclosed twitter account will impact various investigations into Chesebro. As a reminder,  he has already been indicted and pled guilty in the Fulton County, GA election interference case.

Potential Impact on Cooperation Agreements 

Chesebro's involvement in the fake electors scheme has been scrutinized in multiple states and at the federal level. Prosecutors have sought his cooperation in investigations across Michigan, Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, and Wisconsin. 

Chesebro's failure to disclose these tweets to investigators could expose him to accusations of making false statements, endangering any prior agreements made with prosecutors in exchange for his cooperation. 

This development underscores the complexity of the investigations surrounding the 2020 election and the challenges faced by legal authorities in uncovering the full extent of participants' actions and intentions.


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