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What happened in Coffee County, Georgia?

In January 2021, Trump supporter and businessman Scott Hall organized a group of individuals with purported computer expertise to take a plane trip down to Georgia. Once there, these individuals, who included Georgia fake elector Cathy Latham, met with Atlanta-based forensic data firm SullivanStrickler at the elections office in Coffee County, GA.

Trump attorney Sidney Powell directed this effort, and a nonprofit she ran ultimately paid the bill for the “forensic” work. Texts that have been made public in recent weeks also indicate that others involved in the Trump campaign helped plan and support these efforts.

The Coffee County elections supervisor, Misty Hampton, opened the offices and allowed these unauthorized individuals into private areas of the elections office to access and copy sensitive voting information, including Dominion voting machine data and software systems, and imaged every hard drive available in the county’s election equipment.

The Georgia Secretary of State’s office had sent guidance prior to this occurrence stating that counties are not permitted to release voting machine data to the public without a court order. No court order has been identified relevant to the Coffee County machine imaging breach. Voting systems, like those in Coffee County, are classified by the federal government as “critical infrastructure” and access is highly regulated.

The four individuals alleged to be at the center of this effort to breach voting equipment in Coffee County have therefore been indicted as part of the election interference indictment issued by a Fulton County grand jury.

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